To all heads of all countries on Earth and their representatives:


I, Ali Adams of 87 Wood Road, Pontypridd, South Glamorgan, United Kingdom, in full possession of all my faculties and with complete freewill and without any external force or influence (by a third party or self-inflicted) hereby fully revoke, cancel, annul, rescind, withdraw, retract, repeal, and invalidate all and any oath, pledge, vow, promise, or word of allegiance or otherwise that I have ever made or may have ever made, directly or indirectly, knowing or unknowingly to any government, regime, institute, organization, company, party, society, committee, or body or any person or being representing such entities or otherwise that is, or have even been and never repented, an enemy or a supporter of an enemy of God, Allah or any of His representatives on Earth from Adam (peace be upon him) to the Household of Muhammed (peace be upon them) currently headed by Imam Al-Mehdi (may Allah bring forward his reappearance).


I therefore bear full responsibility for my above decision and accept all consequences including the loss of my British and or Iraqi citizenships and any brotherhood or friendship formed over my life time with any non-lover of the Household of Muhammed (peace be upon them all).


I hereby unreservedly declare myself and all my wives and descendents, now and in the future, to be free souls and fully-fledged Earth citizens.


May my Witnesses be God, Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens and the Earth and all that is in between and His current representative on Earth, Imam Al-Mehdi (peace and purification be upon him and his forefathers, the ever-purified Household of Muhammed).


Do it right, not what most think is right…



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Ali Adams

Friday 2015-02-15



This notice shall not be removed as long as I am still alive and have my freewill, in sha Allah.











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